The Shapes, of course, are reliable
old hands on the scene: never cool
as such but always a treat: a band
for whom entertainment has always
been key.
The arrival of a three-piece brass
and reed section has bolstered their
sound hugely and tonight is the
best we’ve seen them – and we’ve
seen them a lot. Ant Kelly has
amassed one of the most enviable
song arsenals in Oxford, from the
romantic longing of ‘Passing of
the Years’, to the dance-the-regretdown
folk-punk of ‘Til They Put
Me In The Ground’, his hangdog
balladeering given full-bodied soul
sheen by Alix Champ’s backing
vocals. Dexy’s, Van Morrison, The
Beautiful South and The Pogues
get chucked in the mixer and told
to get dancing; The Archies’ ‘Sugar
Sugar’ gets a fun outing and then
we’re waltzing into the winter night
to ‘Fairytale of New York’.
By the time you read this review
it’ll be nearly February; Christmas
is long gone but there’s plenty of
dark nights left til spring. We need
The Shapes as much as ever.
Dale Kattack, Nightshift Magazine

Our new album is out.

‘you wonder if perhaps The Shapes ran the world it would be a far better place.’ Nightshift Magazine January 2019


Come Back Days – Official video

The Shapes State of the Nation

Latest EP  ‘Oh You’   available now.

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You can find the Nightshift interview here.


Come and see us playing ( see right for gig list) or get one  from the Truck store in Oxford. We also have other CDs and downloads available from


The Shapes have recorded a number of albums and EPs and have played at practically every music venue in Oxford and county including the prestigious  Common People, Truck festival (2013,2014 and 2015… and 2016) and the annual Kid’s are alright charity event (2013,2014,2015 and 2016). Each of the band members brings a wealth of experience in folk, country, rock, soul and pop bands but now concentrate on the unique upbeat indie sound that has received wide acclaim in the media. Often compared to REM, Crowded House, the Shapes like to surprise with their eclectic range of hummable songs which tell stories of lives dedicated to good music.


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